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Meet our team

Every member of the Vancouver Chiroractic team shares the same passion for health and healing. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional level of patient care and experience, and we love that!

Seth Hutton


Seth has been practicing chiropractic care for over 20 years. In addition to earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the University of Western States, he studied psychology and human anatomy at Pacific Lutheran University.


He is a registered yoga teacher, with over 500 hours of training and is currently working towards Titleist Performance Institute’s medical certification.

Trevor Schwanz


A Clark county, Wa native, Trevor graduated from Hockinson High School and studied biology at Concordia University while also competing collegiately in basketball and track. He graduated from the University of Western States with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2015.


Trevor treats a wide variety of injuries and ages, he appreciates the manual aspect of chiropractic therapy and being able to address patients problems in a more hands on manner. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time with his dogs.


Alvin Black 

Clinic Director

Alvin joined Vancouver Chiropractic in 2007 merging his background in hospitality with healthcare.  He quickly fell in love with the one on one nature of patient care and spent several years in the treatment rooms before taking the business side of things after spending some time away to be home after the birth of his twin boys.  

He now spends his days between time in the office and running around being a dad for his now 12 year old boys.  


A 2001 graduate of Mountain Heart

School of Bodywork, Brenda specializes in TMJD with Intraoral Endorsement, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Cranio- sacral, Reiki and Sports Massage.

She enjoys hiking, photography, travel and has a great love for dogs. Brenda decided to become a Massage Therapist so she could help facilitate in people's healing process - that is the most rewarding part of this profession.


Jamy graduated from East West

College of Healing Arts in 2017 and specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Cranio-sacral Therapy (Level

1);and Reiki (Level 1 & 2).


Becoming a Massage Therapist meant helping people reconnect with their bodies, and Jamy wanted to be a part of that process.


Graduating from Pacific Northwest Massage Academy, Kelsey loves to help people feel the best they can using a variety of modalities such as deep tissue, cupping, sports stretching, trigger point therapy and myofascial techniques. As she continues to grow as a massage therapist, she looks forward to taking more courses to further her education and strives for a career with never ending growth and learning. When she’s not at work, you usually can find Kelsey with an iced coffee, hanging out with her friends and family or taking care of her collection of plants


A 2014 graduate of Everest College, Jesse specializes in Deep Tissue, Sports Stretching, Myofascial Release, Acupressure and Cupping.

He loves being able to make small differences in how people feel, and enjoys seeing those results firsthand - especially as patients evolve in their treatment plans.


Hannah saw the benefits of chiropractic treatment when she was a teen patient at Vancouver Chiropractic. Her positive experience with massage and chiropractic treatment shaped her future and led to a career as an LMT with the goal to help others feel better, too. Hannah's specialties include treatment for severe migraine relief, hot stone, scraping, cupping, trigger point therapy, and maternity massage. Over her 8-year career, she's helped her patients manage their pain, get stronger, and set a course for their own wellness. In her spare time, (name) loves riding horses, reading, and managing a full house, including three dogs, two cats, two kids, and one husband.


Graduating from East-West College of Healing Arts in 2003, Val specializes inMyofascial Release, Cranio-sacral, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Trigger Point, Polarity, TID and Hot Stone

She enjoys crafting custom sessions, combining multiple modalities to get the outcome the patient seeks. She especially loves helping patients recover from chronic headaches. sciatica, neck pain, carpal tunnel and other repetitive use infuries.


Josephine Massage therapy has been my only career focus, I graduated Massage school at 19. I have been licensed for 7 years and absolutely love what I do. I specialize in deep tissue treatment with my top modalities being Paraspinal Stretching , Myofascial Release, and the Cyriax Method.


My name is Treaver, and I’ve been a massage therapist for 2 years now. I love my job, and getting to meet new people every day. When I’m not working I’m usually reading. I have a personal library of a few hundred books that I’ve read and re-read a few times now. I also love animals, and will spend some part of my day training my cat Biskit. I accidentally taught him to bite on command and I’m more than happy to tell you that story if you’r ever on my table! My specialty is best described as headache relief. I suffered from headaches for most of my life. When I went to massage school I really honed in on how to get rid of them, so now I’d say I’m fairly good at it!


I am an individual who is passionate about helping people and welcoming to all.  Dedicated to the well-being of my patients, adaptable, responsible, and self-disciplined.  I'm dedicated to learning continuously throughout my career, so I can offer more styles of treatments for my patients.  I love massage therapy because it's not only relaxing but it can provide so many health benefits.


A 2019 graduate from Bodymechanics, she specializes in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Intra Oral, and Cupping. She’d never had a massage before her education and fell in love with the practice. She finds this career so fulfilling, being able to help people do the things they love again. She’s worked alongside chiropractors and has seen the benefit of what adjustments with massage can do to help the healing process. She loves being outdoors, working in her garden, hiking, and camping.


Hello, my name is Danny Bickham. I’ve been a therapist for 8+ years and have had the pleasure of serving the Vancouver area as a Massage Therapist since 2017. Massage has been a very rewarding/passionate career for me. While I specialize in deep tissue, I also typically provide sports injury therapy, cupping, relaxation, and prenatal massage, as well as a variety of stretching massage. Clients get on my table and trust me to improve their muscular, postural and overall physical health, so I give 110% to deliver!


A 2022 Graduate of PNW Massage Academy, Gabe is relatively new to the field but enjoys performing techniques like Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, MFR, & Sports Massage. 

He enjoys staying active, going to concerts, and is always hungry to learn. Gabe decided to become an LMT after an injury to help others reach their recovery & fitness goals.


Graduating from Pacific Northwest Massage Academy in 2022, Jacob specializes in Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Gua Sha, Cupping, Swedish and Sports Massage.

He enjoys painting, hiking, playing with his son, and has a deep love for animals. Becoming a massage therapist has allowed him to learn more about the body from a soft-tissue perspective, using this knowledge to aid others in their own unique healing.


Karl has experience as a Massage Therapist that spans more than two decades. He is highly proficient in basic massage as well as deep tissue therapy, relief from repetitive use injury, advanced myofascial techniques (including pelvis, hip, sacrum, spine, lower back, and scoliosis), and sports massage. He has practiced in spa and chiropractic settings. He has lots of energy, a great attitude, good sense of humor, and a passion for health and fitness. His goal is to help clients improve their mental and physical well-being.


Hi, my name is Nicole. I’ve been a Massage Therapist for 10 years and I absolutely love what I do!


My massage style is deep tissue but I also love cupping. It gives me a sense of pride when people allow me to care for them!


Graduated from Carrington college Portland in October 2022. Favorite massage styles are trigger point therapy, deep tissue, myofascial release. I really enjoy working on neck and shoulders. Mother of 2 girls. I look forward to learning more about craniosacral therapy. I like being able to go to work everyday and help people feel better.


Rebecca has a unique intuitive treatment approach to massage therapy. She specializes in finding the source of discomfort and creating lasting relief by listening to the body and adjusting pressure and location accordingly. Her passion is holding safe space for healing to take place in whatever way that may look like for each individual client.


In his 13-year career, Corey has built a reputation as a strong patient advocate and highly knowledgeable therapist with special focus on deep tissue work, sports stretching, hot stone, myofascial release, and cupping. He is deeply committed to collaborating with Van Chiro's team of chiropractors to ensure that his patients get the most efficient and effective care, from diagnosis to treatment to prevention of further issues. In addition to patient care, Corey plays a critical role in the Salmon Creek office as Lead Therapist and helps manage the organization on a daily basis. He is a 2010 graduate of Everest College and lives in Portland, Oregon. In his spare time, Corey loves travel, wine, movies, and finding new adventures with his family.


Erika strongly believes that the right combination of deep skill and knowledge is the key to understanding her patients' pain points and their paths to wellness. In her 6-year career as an LMT, she has sharpened her skills, especially in critical areas like deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, manual lymph drainage, and Thai massage. Erika strives to ensure her patients leave Vancouver Chiropractic feeling like they've been heard, supported, and armed with the right treatment plans. A graduate of East West College, she loves spending time with her twin sons and daughter, reading, and gaming with her husband.

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